Patent US8590373

After 20 years of experience and a worldwide experience with sap flow sensor manufacturing and design, the Dynamax team brings you the latest innovations and sap flow sensor construction advancements. With continuous customer feedback over the years, and through several years of research, we solved many of the commercial and research needs for a more plant friendly and user-friendly sap flow sensor. We improved the longevity, reliability and accuracy with commercial irrigation applications in mind.

The new EXO-Skin Dynagage is based on tried and proven energy balance technology for sap flow measurement. The Dynagage has been the world leader in sensor shipments since 1990. Thousands of sensors have been fielded for research in agriculture, plant physiology, water relations, crop science and numerous ecological, hydrology and engineering studies. With the advent of sap flow monitoring in commercial vineyard applications, and the introduction of Low– Cost Sap flow systems, our customers needed an easier plant connection and a more economical sensor. Customers explained their needs for innovation and we designed the EXO-Skin sensor to solve some of the recurring issues with the well-respected Dynagage, the one piece integrated sap flow sensor.


  • Low cost
  • Same accuracy
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexible sensor skin for odd plant stems and growth
  • Water shielding layer provided
  • Easy installation


Model Plant
Diameter (mm)
Min Dia (mm) Max Dia (mm) Min Installed
Length (Axial)(mm)
Type Installed
and Insulation
SGEX-9 120 4.0 5.0 .13 .21
SGEX-10 140 4.5 5 .15 .18
SGEX-13 120 4.5 5 .17 .21
SGEX-16 100 4.5 5 .20 .25
SGEX-19 60 4.5 5 .34 .42
SGEX-25 42 4.5 5 .48 .60
Model Heater (Ohms) Typical
Voltage (dc)
Max Voltage (mm) Typical Power (W) Max Power (W)
SGEX-9 9 8 10 70 150-350
SGEX-10 10 9.5 13 70 170-360
SGEX-13 13 12 16 80 190-380
SGEX-16 16 15 19 90 210-400
SGEX-19 19 18 23 100 240-450
SGEX-25 25 25 29 120 280-500
  Min (°C) Max (°C)  
Operating Temperature 0 50 Below freezing. Plants and sensor will not have/respond to transpiration.
Installation Temperature 15 35 At temps below min. EXO skin is brittle, may sustain damage during installation.
Installation Temperature 0 60 Store clean and dry, away from direct heat.