What does Fruition Sciences offer?

Precise Water Monitoring

Our technology helps you decide when and how much to irrigate by precisely measuring the water consumption of your vines.

By knowing how much water your vines are using, you can greatly improve your irrigation strategy.

Terroir-Specific Technology

Unlike existing tools that only provide bits and pieces of information, our revolutionary technology takes into consideration all aspects of the terroir that affect vine water usage.

Understand how your vines react to their environment and your management practices.

Yield Loss Reduction

By knowing precisely how much water your vines are using, you can avoid vine dehydration, which results in poor fruit quality, berry dehydration, and costly yield losses.

Consistently grow smaller, more concentrated grapes that are resistant to berry dehydration and sunburn.

Increased Sustainability

Through a greater understanding of your vine's water needs, you can avoid unnecessary and wasteful irrigations and keep the land, the vines and the grapes healthier.

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"Since 2011, our partnership with Fruition Sciences has helped us improving our physiological and enological understanding of our reference sites. In addition to our on-the-ground knowledge, their scientific expertise allows us to anticipate the terroir response to the vintage. Our goal is to fine-tune pre-harvest decisions (block selections and dates) and enological choices during vinification." 
Pénélope Godefroy, Quality Control, R&D vine, Château Latour
Pauillac, Aquitaine

"After two seasons of working with the Fruition Sciences’ sapflow technology, we have learned a great deal about the vine regulation of water on our site. It has increased our understanding of the impact of water stress on our vine, its relationship with irrigation patterns, and most importantly, the resulting impact to the wine. By collaborating with their team, we continue to build our site specific knowledge with the intention to make the most of each growing season."
Allison Tauziet, Winemaker, Colgin Cellars
Saint Helena, Napa Valley, California

"Fruition Sciences allows me to have a more precise monitoring of vine water status, a better regulation of irrigation, and an increased ability to improve fruit quality." 
Austin Peterson, Winemaker, Ovid Vineyards
Napa Valley, California

Initial Consultation

We visit your vineyards, gather some history and determine the best locations for our sensors.


Installation, de-installation and calibration of the sensors according to plant architecture. A wireless mesh network is installed in the field.


Analysis of irrigation effect on vine is enabled via transpiration monitoring. Irrigation decisions are taken so that vine transpiration variations optimizes fruit composition.


We offer technical training sessions on how to install sensors and interpret vine transpiration profiles.