Dynamax SapIP Systems for Irrigation

Dynamax offers hourly water use and daily water use totals for crops and trees using the SapIP system and sensors. Data is displayed and graphed on AgriSensors.NET.

The daily water use totals of representative plants are used to estimate total tree water use for an average tree. This can then be multiplied by the number of trees per acre to get total water use per acre.

Dynamax SapIP systems can also measure ET (in/hr) and weather at the site.

If sap flow or plant water use data is compared to ET at the site, a “Stress Factor” can be produced. A tree recently irrigated and using as much water as it needs, the Stress Factor would be 1.0. If a Stress Factor is 0.75, the tree would be using 75% as much water as a well-watered tree.

Sap Flow vs. Pressure Chamber
If you have sap flow sensors, pressure chamber data is no longer needed. The pressure chamber Stem Water Potential is a laborious spot check, can only be done a few hours a day, and costs much more.

When to Irrigate?
Using Dynamax SapIP systems, a grower need only decide how much stress is tolerable for his particular crop before he needs to start irrigation. However, for some crops, certain periods of stress may be desirable in order to promote fruit set or dry-down. The SapIP System lets the grower manage plant stress and irrigate accordingly.

Water Only When Needed
So, if you are interested in letting the plants tell you how much water they are using Dynamax SapIP systems and sensors can solve the problem. By measuring the plant water use directly and using ET to generate a Stress Factor, growers can minamize plant stress and conserve water by only applying as much as is needed.

In the Central Valley of California, Dynamax offers a complete service using our SapIP systems, and all equipment is installed and maintained by our representatives. You the grower need only log onto the AgriSensors.NET webpage and use the sap flow data and Stress Factor to decide when your plants are under stress and need to be irrigated.

Dynamax sap flow sensors work well on:
Almond, Grape, Pear, Apple, Peach, Plum, Pistachio, Cherry, Citrus, Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Avocado, Hazelnut, Walnut, Pecan, Corn, Sunflower, Cotton, Soybeans, and many other crops.



  • Installation and maintenance in Central Valley CA
  • Data presentation on a secure website - Agrisensors.net
  • Consultation and data interpretation
  • Data protection and security
  • Plant water use, soil moisture, weather, and IR leaf temp options