A general purpose logger system, fully assembled - DNX1K based self contained DNX1K logger for 32 sensor capacity. Incudes: 32 channel multiplexer, 8 control ports, 4 excitation channels, RS-232 Port, 9 Pin to PC comm. cable, control cable, data retrieval and analysis software, battery and charger, 110 V, 60 Hz, or 220 V, 50 Hz charger, fiberglass enclosure, two outlets with PVC adapters. Requires selection of probes, cables, PC for total system. Solar Panels are optional.

This instrument is a rugged measurement and control system that delivers accurate, reliable measurements in a variety of applications. It combines the ability to measure virtually any sensor with the control capability to respond to specific site conditions.


  • Meteorology
  • Agriculture research
  • Soil moisture
  • Water resources
  • Phytoremediation


Analog Inputs Number of channels 8 differential or up to 16 single-ended. Each differential channel can be configured as two single-ended channels.
Range ±2.5 mV to ±5 V
Resolution 0.06% to .33 mV
Accuracy (0° to 40° C); .12% (-25° to +50° C)
Channel expansion The Relay Multiplexer allows up to 64 single-ended channels to multiplex into four CR10X single-ended channels. A maximum of three multiplexers may be connected to one CR10X
Excitation outputs  
Description 3 switched excitations, active during measurement, with one output active at a time. Nonactive outputs are high impedance
Output ±25 mA current, ±2.5 V range, .67 mV resolution
Period Averaging Measurements Inputs Any of the 16 single-ended analog input channels may be selected for period averaging. Signal amplitude reduction or AC coupling is normally required
Pulse Counters Two Pulse counter channels 24-bit range
Maximum count rate 16 kHz, eight - bit counter; 250 kHz, sixteen-bit counter. Channels are scanned at 8 or 64 Hz (software selectable)
Digital I/O ports 8 ports, software selectable as binary inputs or control outputs. Can be configured to count switch closures SDI-12 communication.
Output voltages High 5.0 V ±0.1 V; low < 0.1 V
Memory 2 M SRAM standard. Memory for non-volatile readings. Additional 4 MB available option
System voltage 9.6 to 16 volts