HemiView Camera System

The HemiView V8 system demands that the camera, mounting, stabilization are all integrated into a professional package for field environments. Our years of experience led to the creation of this affordably priced high quality package with the latest in Digital SLR technology.

HemiView is a state-of-the-art program that processes hemispherical images to provide information about plant canopy geometry and sky obstruction.

Photographs are taken looking upwards from beneath the plant canopy, or from the forest floor, using a 180° fish-eye lens and digital camera. Lighting conditions with uniform sky illumination are required, such as an overcast sky, or just before sunrise or after sunset. The camera is mounted in a self-leveling mount, which holds the camera level at whatever the mounting angle. It also provides reflective markers for the North-South axis, both essential to accurate alignment of the image later.

HEMI-DC Includes

HemiView Canopy System V8. Complete system including Delta-T Devices HemiView Software v. 2.1, SD14 Digital Camera, 70-300 mm zoom and 4.5 mm Fisheye lenses. Digital 14 mPix, USB kit, Charger, Battery, Photo pro S/W, 4 GB Flash Mem, Bogen Pro 3-D Camera mount, Bogen 89“ Professional Tripod, 6 leveling indicia, camera and tripod case. 

Items are stocked as a kit and not sold separately.


  • Analyzes Hemispherical Images
  • Calculates canopy structure parameters and solar radiation indices
  • Predicts radiation levels beneath canopy


Image file types supported BMP, JPG, TIF, Photo CD
Lens distortion Can be specified as polynomial relating zenith angle and radial distance
Direct light model Simple atmospheric transmission, with user defined settings
Diffuse light model Uniform or Standard overcast sky
Data output Excel compatible spreadsheet built in