Dynamax has created three new transpiration, leaf canopy monitoring systems. Each system observes the IRT leaf canopy and the weather and produces data for precision ag management. Crop water stress index (CWSI) and degrees above non stressed (DAN) plant stress models are available to determine if, and when, your crops need irrigation, stress from deficit, or high ambient temperatures.

IRT SALH Logger System

The new IRT wireless infrared (IR) temperature sensor is the latest development in leaf temperature sensing for use in irrigation scheduling and plant stress detection. The Dynamax IRT SALH data logger system has a sophisticated data logger which can monitor up to (25) wireless IRT sensors. Routers are used to add IRT sensors to the network, and to add distance between the SALH logger and the IRT sensors. Data is collected using a WiFi connection.

The SALH logger has the CWSI Crop Water Stress Index software included. This allows for IR leaf temperature data to be converted into a stress index for use in irrigation scheduling. The iDANS crop stress model is also included.

IRT Coordinator

This new IRT-COR Coordinator system allows for up to (27) IRT sensors to be distributed throughout a field, and data to be collected with a single IRT Coordinator or gateway. Using the “Watcher” software, all data can be collected from the IRT Coordinator and stored on your computer. Data can easily be imported into a spreadsheet for analysis and graphing. 


Up to (6) IRT analog sensors can be added to the SapIP wireless system nodes. As part of a SapIP wireless network, plant sap flow or water use, soil moisture profiles, ET weather, and IR leaf temperature, can all be monitored simultaneously in one wireless system. If SapIP nodes are used as data loggers for the IRT sensors, data can be uploaded to the AgriSensors.NET webpage. SapIP nodes can also be “daisy-chained” several levels deep, thus allowing distances of 2-3 miles to be monitored. SapIP systems are versatile and flexible, and can be configured to meet your particular requirements.

IRT Analog or SDI12 Sensors

The SapIP-IRT sensors can be used as stand-alone sensors with analogue or SDI12 output and can be added to most commercially available data loggers. The analog version has 0 to 1.6 volt output and requires (1) differential channel. The SDI12 version can be used with most SDI12 compatible loggers.

The SapIP systems are versatile and flexible, and can be configured to meet your particular requirements.

Also, the IRT IR temperature systems can be used for other applications, and practically anywhere surface temperature readings are desired.


  • Very narrow 20 deg field of view
    95% sensitivity for a 3:1 distance:width
  • Excellent for Pivot or drip irrigation
  • Rechargeable batteries (solar- 2 W separate)
  • Up to 27 units per network on an IRT Coordinator
  • 1 min to 60 min output timing
  • RF Zigbee output in API format
  • ±0.5º C accuracy over wide range of ambient (0-50º C)
  • 50 – 500 m range based on antenna gain
  • Analog and SDI12 versions available