Soil Moisture
Soil and environmental monitoring is an integral part of Civil Engineering structural solutions for long-term stability and safety. Dynamax offers a wide range of products and engineering services for monitoring earthen structures and components of roadbeds or large-scale structures such as levees, dams, and embankments.

Moisture Logging
Long term soil moisture monitoring provides indication of soil saturation, water leaking under structures, and weakness associated with excess moisture. Soil sensors may be installed through or under asphalt or concrete structures and buried in place. The sensor data cables connect to a data logger, which provides periodic readings that are recorded in the data logger memory. This information is key to safety, soil & structure stability, or for providing compliancy & regulatory agency documentation, and may provide warning levels that the moisture is too high, or subject to shearing movements as well as other issues. 

Moisture Alarms
The installation of soil sensors at varying depths indicates water movement and the changes in water balance. Buildings and some structures require moist soil to maintain the foundation’s stability. Both soil-monitoring needs are solved with the Dynamax soil sensors and loggers. The loggers provide set points that will trigger irrigation or alarms when soil is too dry, and have alarms available when the soil is too wet. The alarm trigger is completely flexible for broadcast to a central station, or to an automatic warning system.

Concrete Pre-mix
Civil Engineering structural material may also be tested in the field prior to installation or mixing with Dynamax portable moisture probes. 

Weather Options
Depending on the choice of the data logger for your application, Dynamax can configure your monitoring equipment to include temperature and rainfall monitoring as well as complete weather stations. Depending on the location, radio or cell-phone data retrieval can be provided with all our moisture or weather loggers.

Dynamax will be pleased to discuss your application in detail, and provide a complete solution to meet your objectives and requirements.


  • Roadbed continuous soil moisture monitoring
  • Landfill cap moisture monitoring
  • Embankments - Moisture monitoring
  • Moisture monitoring in levees and earthen dams
  • Mudslide predictions, and coastal protection
  • Earth structures water penetration and hydrology
  • Moisture monitoring in cement or aggregate ingredients