Observator instruments offers the widest range of different helideck monitoring systems. The helideck monitoring system are designed to measure all weather conditions during helicopter landing and take-off operations in order to improve both flight and passenger safety. The helideck monitoring system can interface with all different weather sensors like wind speed, wind direction, QFE/QNH Barometric, Temperature, Humidity, Visibility Motion and Cloud Height. There are many options available for a.o. fixed and floating platforms F(P)SO and diving support vessels.

The Helideck Monitoring systems are based on the requirements of the latest CAP-437, Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas, 7th Edition.

The system also meets the requirements of the Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) as described in Standards Helideck Monitoring Systems Rev8c.

Standard HMS systems require the following parameters: 

  • Wind speed and direction 
  • Temperature 
  • Humidity 
  • Dew Point 
  • Barometric pressure (QFH / QNH) 
  • Visibility 
  • Present Weather 
  • Cloud height 
  • Motion (for floating rigs or vessels) 

Offshore meteorological observations require devices designed to wind stand the hardest environmental conditions such as heavy vibrations, sea spray and extremes of temperature.


  • Real time helideck weather and motion information
  • Compliant with CAP-437 helideck standards
  • Options for remote access via web interface
  • Alarm and weather forecast options
  • Selection for Aircraft, Day / Night and Helideck category
  • Stoplight function· Automatic logging
  • (ATIS) Automatic Terminal Information Service functions