The Force-A Dualex Scientific+™ is a sensor that measures flavonol, anthocyanin and chlorophyll indices. This leaf-clip allows to perform real-time and non-destructive measurements. Its internal GPS is used for the geolocalization of the blocks. Its embedded datalogger brings large capabilities for data acquisition and storage.

This optical sensor offers various applications, specifically used in ecophysiology:

  • Physiological studies
  • Genetic studies
  • Plant phenology studies Herbal selection

For any other study that needs knowledge of leaf chlorophylls index (Chl), among others for:

  • Nutritional chlorosis
  • Disease-induced chlorosis
  • Potential photosynthesis

Or/and leaf flavonols index (Flav) for:

  • UV protection
  • Leaf light environment
  • Phenolics accumulation

Or/and leaf anthocyanins index (Anth) for:

  • Temperature stress
  • Light environment
  • Leaf senescence
  • Mutant selection

In addition to simultaneous measurements of Chl, Flav and Anth indices, the Force-A Dualex Scientific+™ calculates the nitrogen balance index (NBI): the index of crop nitrogen nutrition estimation.

Applications for Agriculture

  • Controlling fertilization
  • Harvest quality (proteins, development of eco-products, etc)
  • Prevention against certain climatic conditions (sunburn – low temperatures)
  • Appetence for herbivores
  • Color (anthocyans)
  • Varietal selection

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Target Samples Plant Leaves
Measured Parameters Optical Absorbance at 375 nm
Optical transmitance at 3 wavelengths in the NIR
Measured Surface 5 mm diameter
Absorbance range in the UV (Flav) 0 to 3.0
Accuracy 5% (standard deviation)
Chlorophyll concentration 0 to 150 (in DUALEX unit)
Acquisition Time less than 500 ms
Light Sources 5 light-emitted diodes (LED): UV-A, Red, 3 NIR.
Photodetector 1 Si Photodiode
Data Storage 10 000 multiparametric measurements
Users Interface LCD screen
Computer communication USB port
Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C, for a drift in absorbance less than 2%
Battery proprietary rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
Operation Autonomy 7 hours
Charging Time 4 hours
Total Weight 400 gr
Leaf Clip Dimensions 200 mm x 70 mm x 40 mm