The HPFM-Gen3 measures how water movement relates to the pressure differences required to draw water from the soil or through a plant.

The hydraulic conductivity relationship is a quantitative analysis for roots and stems. The measurement is performed in the field, where in-situ root system can be measured in its natural environment.

In most cases, the analysis of a sample root or shoot is completed in as little as 10 minutes. HPFM-Gen3 measures the major components of the hydraulic conductance in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum (reference #70). The hydraulic architecture of a whole shoot or of a single leaf can be represented by a resistance diagram similar to the electronic circuit shown. One can measure the values of the individual hydraulic resistances, then compute the pattern of water flow and water potentials in the resistance network. Each hydraulic resistance element (R) equals the pressure difference driving flow through the element divided by the resulting flow (F) (reference).

All data sets are saved within the Project Manager framework file structure. Transient results as well as QSS flow meter data are saved for easy viewing in with Excel, including the computed conductance, temperature and averaged results.


  • New High Res Generation 3 HPFM
  • Reading Sensors direct in parts per million
  • NIST calibration standard feature
  • Instant data regression, and auto-saver aged results
  • USB powered data acquisition
  • New High speed sensor conversion module
  • Flow ranges increased by 50%
  • Improved overlap on conductance ranges by 50%
  • Vista, XP, and Windows 7 supported
  • Upgrade packages available to previous HPFM systems, with new factory calibration
Stem Ranges 1mm to 55mm diameters
Flow Rates 0.7 g/h to 2500 g/hr in 6 overlapping ranges
Conductance 7.7E-08 to 2.2E-03 Kg s-1 MPa-1
Electronic A/D 24-bit resolution dual Analog/Digital converters
Analog/Digital One reading every 2 seconds
Data Interface USB
Dimensions 13.5" x 12.3" x 20.5" (33 x 31 x 52 cm)
Weight 26 lb. (12 kg)
Capacity 2.1 gal. (8 liter) Degassed Water
Maximum Pressure 90 psi (630 kPa)