Dynamax SapIP wireless network systems can have up to (25) nodes for measuring plant water use, weather, IR leaf temperature, or soil moisture. When measuring soil moisture, either (4) or (6) SM150 soil moisture sensors may be attached to each SapIP node. The sensors may be buried at different depths in the soil and left in place for long periods of time. If soil moisture and soil temperature are needed, the ML3 or SM150 sensors can be used. The SapIP nodes use a rechargeable battery and solar panel for continuous operation. All data can be collected directly or viewed, graphed, and downloaded from the Agrisensors.NET webpage.


  • Add 4 or 6 soil moisture sensors per SapIP
  • ML3 Theta Probe or SM150 sensors recommended
  • Excellent for soil moisture profiling
  • Agrisensors.net web data access
  • Access raw and calculated data with averages, charts and graphs
  • 30,000 records saved to flash memory
  • Works with 12 V battery pack and solar panel
  • Use the SapIP Soil Moisture network to monitor fields up to 2 miles away
  • 25 SapIP nodes can monitor up to 150 soil moisture sensors