The HS-100 3-axis anemometer features a horizontal head design, which allows for accurate measurement of vertical flows with minimum flow interruption from the anemometer geometry.

Ideal for scientific research applications, HS-100 is capable of monitoring wind speeds of 0-45 m/s (0-100 mph) and offers a fast update rate of 100 Hz for precision wind analysis.

The head of the anemometer features a built-in inclinometer to allow the instrument to be accurately positioned on a tower or mast. Access to the PRT and analogue inputs is provided via a separate electronic enclosure. The instrument is ideal for analysis of surface turbulence and can be positioned close to the ground or crop and tree canopies.

The HS-100 features a robust stainless-steel construction, which is suitable for use in most extreme weather enviornments.


  • Precision 3-axis ultrasonic anemometer
  • 0-45 m/s wind speed, 0-359° wind direction
  • U, V, W Vector Outputs
  • 100 Hz Output Rate
  • Horizontal Head for Minimal Flow Disturbance


Ultrasonic Output Rate 100 Hz
Wind Speed Range 0-45 m/s
Wind Speed Accuracy <1.0% RMS
Wind Speed Resolution 0.01 m/s
Wind Direction Range 0 to 359º
Wind Direction Accuracy <±1.0º RMS
Wind Direction Resolution
Operating Temperature -40º C to +60º C
Protection Class IP65