WindMaster™ 3D Anemometer

The Gill WindMaster™ is a precision 3D anemometer, offering Sonic Temperature, Speed of Sound and U,V & W vector outputs at 20Hz (32Hz option). This 3D anemometer has an aluminium/carbon fibre construction and will monitor 0-45m/s (0-100mph) wind speed.


WindMaster™ Pro 3D Anemometer

The WindMaster™ Pro uses the same precision 3D measurement technology as the standard WindMaster™, with an increased wind measurement range of 0-65m/s (0-145mph), 32Hz output as standard and a robust stainless-steel external construction.


WindMaster™ HS 3D Sonic Anemometer

The WindMaster™ HS provides all of the advantages of the scientific grade HS measurement head design with the ease and feature set from the Gill WindMaster range. The horizontal head design allows for highly accurate vertical flow analysis with minimal interruption from the anemometer geometry.