The Gill WindMaster HS provides all of the advantages of the scientific grade HS measurement head design with the ease and feature set from the Gill WindMaster range. The horizontal head design allows for highly accurate vertical flow analysis with minimal interruption from the anemometer geometry.

U, V, W vector components, sonic temperature and speed of sound outputs are available as standard. The WM HS has a stainless steel external construction.

Optional analog inputs or outputs are available.

For applications where wind speeds in excess of 45m/s are experienced theWindMaster Pro is recommended.


  • Precision 3-axis sonic anemometer
  • Horizontal head for minimal flow disturbance
  • Integral electronics
  • 0-45 m/s wind speed
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sonic temperature output


Wind Speed Range 0-45 m/s
Wind Speed Accuracy* <1.5% RMS @12 m/s
Wind Speed Accuracy* <1.5% RMS @12 m/s (custom)
Wind Speed Resolution 0.01m/s or 0.001 m/s
Wind Direction Range 0-359º
Wind Direction Accuracy 2º @ 12 m/s
Wind Direction Accuracy 0.5º @12 m/s (custom)
Wind Direction Resolution 0.1º
Sonic Temperature Range -40º C to +70º C
Sonic Temperature Resolution 0.01º C
Sonic Temperature Accuracy -20º C to +30º C within ±2º C of ambient temperature

* Accuracy applies for wind speed and for wind incidence up to ±30º from the horizontal