The FLGS-TDP XM1000 system is a complete CR1000x based logger system for 32 TDP probes. The CR1000x is housed in a weather-resistant enclosure while collecting data under extremely harsh conditions. The AM16/32 Relay Multiplexer increases the number of sensors that may be scanned by the CR1000x data logger.

The PC400 data logger support software for windows facilitates programming, communication, and reliable exchange of data between a PC and a CR1000x data logger. The interactive toolbar launches and controls independent windows used to communicate with the data logger, edit programs, view and graph real-time data, retrieve stored data, and process data files. The minimum requirements include: Windows, 15MB disk space, VGA monitor, RS-232 port(s) for modem or serial communication interfaces.


  • Advanced data logger with easy programming, data storage and retrieval capabilities - CR1000x
  • 2 MB data memory, for up to 500,000 data values, or 200 days of hourly records for a full 32 sensor system
  • Built-in Program computes sap flow for specific trees
  • Automatic night time Zero set. Saves processing time
  • Input settings for sap wood area and tree indexing by leaf or stem area
  • Power down, power saving for nighttime, power reduction
  • Multiplexer for expanded channels
  • High-efficiency, 90%+, voltage regulators for sensor heater power. Heater voltage monitoring included
  • Two AVRD voltage regulators, supply 4 different voltages
  • Six open channels for weather or soil sensors. Custom programs available for engineered sensor solutions