The DynaMet-5 is a complete ETp (Evapotranspiration) weather station which included the DynaLog1000 data logger and the MaxiMet 500 compact weather station kit. The rainfall sensor included is the TE525, which is a very rugged and accurate rainfall sensor. A soil temperature probe is also included. The system comes with all software for programming, data collection, and calculation of ETp. The DynaMet-5 is a research grade, weather station ideal for research, commercial, or agricultural applications. Comes complete with a 6 ft Tripod, cross-arm, grounding kit, rechargeable battery and 10 Watt solar panel.

Evapotranspiration Software

Standard evapotranspiration modeling software is packaged with the Dynamet weather station.  The purpose is to compute the potential evapotranspiration from short grass (ETP) in mm per hour on an hourly basis.  A daily total in mm is also computed. The algorithms are based on the method originally proposed by Penman, but with several modifications by Dr. C.H.M. Van Bavel that updated the procedure.  Whereas the original method was designed to give only daily totals from average daily weather data, the present method uses hourly input data and provides a more realistic picture of the evaporative demand. PENV software facilitates a variety of research and commercial weather tracking projects.

Mast - Enclosure Specifications

6 ft. (2 m) tripod with collapsible legs, ground stakes, and slide collars for levelling.  Crossbar mount for wind set, pyranometer mounting, levelling stand, and 12 plate radiation shield for RH /temperature probe are included. Grounding rod, lightening arrestor, and ground rod cables are included.  Logger is mounted in a sealed and lockable NEMA 4 white fiberglass enclosure 12” x 14”.  


  • MaxiMet 500 Compact weather station
  • Portable 2 meter (6 ft.) tripod, 3 meter (10 ft.) optional
  • Sealed enclosure
  • CR1000 data logger
  • 10 Watt solar panel, mast mounted
  • Battery and charger circuit
  • Scientific grade weather sensors
  • 4 MB of storage
  • RS-232 Interface and PC9-pin cable (3 m)
  • Power Up Program Start
  • Windows setup communications and retrieval
  • PENV - Penman-Van Bavel ETP
Wind Speed  
Range 0.1 m/s to 60 m/s
Accuracy ± 3% to 40 m/s, ± 5% to 60 m/s
Resolution 0.01 m/s
Wind Direction  
Range 0 to 359°
Accuracy ± 3° to 40 m/s, ± 5° to 60 m/s
Barometric Pressure  
Range 300 to 1100
Accuracy ± 0.5 hPa @ 25°C
Resolution 0.1 hPa
Units of Measure hPa, bar, mmHg, inHg
Air Temperature  
Range -40°C to +70°C
Accuracy ± 0.3°C @ 20°C
Resolution 0.1
Units of Measure °C, °F, °K
Relative Humidity  
Range 0 - 100% RH
Resolution 1%
Accuracy ± 2% @ 20°C (10%-90% RH)
Units % Rh, g/m3, g/Kg
Dew Point  
Range -40° - +70° C
Resolution 0.1° C
Units of Measure °C, °F, °K
Accuracy ± 0.3° C @ 20° C
Rain Gage  
Sensor Type Tipping bucket with magnetic reed switch
Housing Material Anodized aluminum
Resolution 1 tip
Volume per Tip 4.73 ml/tip (0.16 fl. oz/tip)
Rainfall per Tip 0.254 mm (0.01 in.)
Accuracy ±1% (up to 1 in./h) +0, -3% (1 to 2 in./h) +0, -5% (2 to 3 in./h)
Solar Radiation  
Accuracy Absolute error in natural daylight is ±5% maximum (±3% typical)
Sensitivity 0.2 kW m-2 mV-1
Light Spectrum Waveband 400 to 1100 nm