The InteliMet Advantage 6 is a complete ETp (Evapotranspiration) weather station which included the DynaLog200 data logger and the MaxiMet 600 compact weather station kit, which includes an optical rainfall sensor. This rain sensor has no moving parts, so needs very little maintenance. The system comes with all software for programming, data collection, and calculation of ETp. A battery and solar panel, grounding kit, and lightning rod kit are also included. The InteliMet 6 is low-cost, research grade, weather station ideal for research, commercial, or agricultural applications. Comes ready to mount on a 2” rigid pipe, or tripod.

Simple one-pipe, and one-crossbar construction installs in under 30 minutes. The sensors require no wiring and minimal assembly tasks with simple hand tools.

Logger, battery and data retrieval software are included and ready to go. Data may be retrieved by a PC, a portable PDA or by long distance communication options. All parts and cables are supplied except for a 10 ft. base pole (a standard 1 in. water pipe) in a cement footing. The crossbar system installed 6 ft. high is light and strong. We supply all the unique parts and let you save money on a costly tripod or tower.


  • GMX600 Compact weather station
  • Wind Speed & Direction Measurement
  • Optical Rain Gage
  • Air Temp & Relative Humidity Measurement
  • Barometric Pressure Measurement
  • Solar Radiation Measurement
  • Dew Point Measurement
  • Lightning Rod