MetPak™ Pro Weather Station

The new MetPak Pro allows the integration of up to four sensors (e.g rain gauge, water level, pyranometer, pressure and soil temperature) in addition to the wind speed, wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and dew point sensors supplied.


MetPak™ Weather Station

The MetPak has been newly developed to replace the original MetPak™ weather station. Monitored parameters include: Wind Speed & Direction; Air Temperature; Relative Humidity; Barometric Pressure and Dew Point.


MetPak™ RG Weather Station

MetPak Pro weather station is capable of monitoring the same seven weather parameters as MetPak RG, with additional inputs for an Pt100 temperature sensor and two analogue sensors (water level sensor, pyranometer, pressure sensor, soil temperature sensor etc). External sensors can be connected directly to the weather station via an optional junction box. MetPak Pro has a variety of remote-mount wind sensor options.