Dynamax, Inc. produces the new SapIP wireless data logger network for measuring plant water use, IR leaf temperature, soil moisture, and weather. The SapIP-MICRO system is a wireless node with RH and air temperature included. If you want, you can add soil moisture, soil temperature, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, and rainfall sensors as well. This sensor set can then be used to calculate ETp for irrigation scheduling for crops or trees. The nodes can be spaced up to 400 meters apart and daisy-chained, giving a total distance of over a mile. The SapIP-MICRO is an excellent research grade weather station, and data can be collected directly from the node, or through the Internet.


  • SapIP Logger Node, (8) Channel
  • RH & Air Temperature, with Radiation Shield
  • 9 Months typical battery life, (8) D Cells
  • No solar panel required
  • Single Network Gateway
  • Network up to (25) SapIP Nodes
  • Mesh Network, Self-Healing, Auto-Hopping
  • Easily mounted with straps provided