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SunScan Canopy Analysis System

FAQS about this product

How do I install my SunScan software on my PC?

The SunData software Diskette 
What the software does

The software is provided as three groups of programs in separate directories on the diskette. If you find a README file in the root directory of the diskette, please read it. It may contain late release information.

SunData PC software (in the \PC directory) 
You must install this in a PC for transferring data files from the Workabout to the PC. You can also install it in a (portable) PC to enable the PC to act as a data collection terminal instead of the Workabout.

SunData Psion software (in the \PSION directory) 
This is a backup copy of the software that is pre-installed in the Workabout. You will not use this except in the unlikely event of program loss from the Workabout.

Psion communications software (in the \COMMS directory) 
These are DOS programs provided by Psion which enable you to transfer files between the PC and Workabout. Full documentation is provided on disk and in the appendices. They will not be further described in this section.

These programs are essential if you need to restore software lost from the Workabout, (unless you have purchased the optional PsiWin Windows software). And of course they give you alternative methods of transferring data files from the Workabout to your PC, if you don't want to use SunData's own data file transfer method.

Installing the software 
Your PC requirements

Your PC needs: DOS 3.3 or higher; a 3.5 inch 1.44 MB diskette drive, and an available serial port with 9 pin D-connector.

You may need to refer to you PC manual to carry out the following tasks: copy a diskette, create subdirectories, copy files, and run programs from the DOS prompt.

You should make a copy of the SunData software diskette immediately for routine use. Store the original diskette securely, and set the write-protect slider on the diskettes. Copy all the diskette files to your hard disk drive (HDD). You are recommended to use the same diskette directory names and to put them all in a parent directory, for example: \SUNSCAN. At the same time, you should create another directory for storing SunScan data files, e.g. \SUNSCAN\SSDATA. You may choose alternative names for any of these directories if you wish. 

Insert the SunData diskette in you PC's diskette drive.
Create the required directories on you PC's HDD.
Copy the files from the diskette to the HDD.
Remove the SunData diskette from the disk drive.

I have lost my SunScan Icon. Why? How do I get it Back?

When using the Psion Workabout with the SunScan system, Do not exit from the system screen itself! If you do, you would loose your SunData Icon and must reinstall it (data, if any remain and are not affected). If you get the Exit System Screen dialog press N. If you can not find the SunData application icon, it may have been lost after exiting the system screen.

To exit from any menu, press ON/Esc.
To exit from any running application, press U+ X, that is: hold down the gray Psi key U and press X.

Re-installing the SunData application icon

Re-installing SunData is quite simple. From the Psion system screen:

Press Menu, Disk, Directory, Enter and make sure that the files and Sys$8087.Idd are present in the \SUN\ directory on the Internal Disk. Press On/Esc to return to the System screen.
Press Menu, Apps, Install, Enter, Tab, then move to \SUN\ and press Enter, then select and press Enter.

You will now see the Install dialog box with Filename specified.

Check the Disk is specified as Internal. The position of the icon in the System screen can be specified too. When all the settings in the dialog box are satisfactory, press Enter to accept them.

The SunData icon should now be present in the System screen.

The identical process can be used subsequently for installing an upgrade version of the program if one is issued.